The Rich Failed Us; Time for Better and Fairer Systems

The greatest theft in human history: the bulk of all wealth and resources are now under the control of 2% of the world's population. From CEO's earning a thousand times that of workers' wages, to billionaires richer than entire countries, the so-called "free market" is out of control. Politicians, CEO's, monopolists and moguls have failed to bring prosperity to the very ones who produce the world's goods. If we had an honest market, they would have been fired. is a non-partisan movement to educate the electorate, to restore power to the middle class working people of America and beyond. "" (FTR) does NOT reject capitalism and free market principles, because competition and financial incentive bring prosperity... but only if the playing field is level. Today the field is tilted in favor of multinational corporations—against small business owners and "mom 'n pop" entrepreneurs.
Over the last 30 years, technology has tripled human productivity. Women poured into the workforce. Everyone worked harder at home and at work. This should have resulted in shared prosperity growth, but instead, middle class wages stagnated, and the fruits of our labors went to the Pharaohs at the top of the pyramid scheme called Global Economics. And the Third World continues to starve.
We need a nonpartisan grassroots movement to cry out against the world's march toward a two-class system of slaves and feudal masters. You have just found the headquarters! Read more... and support FTR.

Robin G. Hoode 2011